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Re: Archive Maintenance - make it a job?

> I propose that we start raising funds to pay for a part-time (4 hours
> per day) employee who's entire job is to manage the archive and do
> other miscellaneous maintenance tasks.  I think you could probably get
> a qualified individual to do such stuff for ~$10k per year.  I don't
> think we would have much trouble raising the funds, we already have a
> corporate structure set up -- and it would really ease the aggravating
> delays on our "critical path".
> Is that a hare-brained idea, or not?


I like the idea, only numbers are a little "off", IMHO.
My first impression was that 4 hours a day is a bit too much for archive
maintainance, but then it is probably a good estimate, epecially if you 
rephrase it as 20hrs/week :) Another thing is that I think it would be not
that easy (if not impossible) to find *qualified* individual for $10/hour.  
Also, how would you know the person is qualified - phone interview?
Might result in a big mistake :) Also, you should also take into account
the employer overhead for paying salary (even for part-time worker, even
if consider this payment a "non-employee compensation"), in some bad cases
it can be up to 50%. How are you gonna "raise" this kind of money?
And of course, we should hear the Guy's opinion on this.


Alex Y.
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