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Re: Bug#18233: libtool: doesn't add shared library dependency info

[I'm CC:'ing debian-devel and not debian-bugs-dist]

On 4 Mar 1998, Frederic Lepied wrote:

> Here is the answer of the upstream author.

>  Fred> Could it be applied to your develeloment tree?
> Unfortunately, no.
> I have prepared a web page to describe to you what the problem is, and
> why I turned off inter-library dependencies.  Please have a look at,
> and let other people know about this page:
> http://www.profitpress.com/libtool/deplibs.html

I read over that. I wasn't aware of this problem... but I have my doubts. 
I'll try to test this over the weekend (wow, there's already a pile of
things for the weekend...). Specifically, I'll test the conditions
described on that page, but I'm sure there's no problem because I have
done the things described, and haven't had any problems.

The patch is Linux specific, and it fits "interim solution 2", but I
understand the author's concerns. 

Anybody else cares to test this? Keeping lintian happy has become kind of
important ;-) 


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