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cant start game CBQ Shaper Troubles "RTNETLINK: Invalid Argument" CD/DVD burning Re: RE: cdplay cdrecord and md5sum of the CD and of iso image centericq and sarge Changeing capslock to control Changing from Stable to Testing/Unstable Changing over to udev Changing thunderbird default printer Check that all packages are stable Chkrootkit report Re: Class of machine needed for DNS Cleaning out old backup (*~, *.bak) files Close DVD Color Laser Compaq 1850R compaq dl380 howto Compatible VoIP software on Debian Re: Compatible VoIP software on Debian [SOLVED] Compiling a module compiling apache 2.0.55, undefined reference errors (BIO_printf and such) compiling xserver x11r7 problems Computer archetecture config debain from a laptop Connecting a Windows laptop to a Linux internal network Connection with ppp and Nokia 6630 console blanking and cdrom issue Controlling eth0,eth1,... assignment order? Controlling volume levels from command line converting mailbox format Copy protected DVD Corrupted ulogd pcap files - a logrotate issue? cpp/gcc versions create a virtual terminal? cron doesn't run /etc/cron.d jobs why is that ? Cron-get security update cups Re: CUPS and samba intergration problem cups driver question Re: Cups, Samba and the terror called Windows :) cups, ssl and apt Cups: and no local cups server custom debian install cd custom rescue/boot cd? (trouble with intel sata raid ICH6) Customize xfterm4 for a terminal-bound program in Xfce cyrus + sieve vacation cyrus authenication problems cyrus21-imapd: Tell cyrdeliver to deliver not only to INBOX dcc: write(MTA socket,88): Broken pipe Re: dcop [was New post install tidbits?] Debian 1.1 Re: Debian 1.3.1 (Bo) ISO files Debian 3.1 on 915 mother board... problems Debian and VMware Debian Libraries and Broken Systems Debian on IBM Debian on PowerEdge 2850, known bugs? debian print server Debian way to add modules with 2.6 ? Re: Re: Debian WiFi card recommendations please Re: Debian Wireless Networks Debian, leap seconds, timezones, and zdump Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2005 #2928 Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2005 #3025 has been added to Most Wanted Web Sites 2006 - 2007 DebianKnowledgeBase Re: Debmirror did not download all .debs? debootstrap chroot problem debugging firmware Debugging severe performance problems Re: Re: Dedicated Hosting, recommendations - Debian default kernel in debain 3.1 Defining environment variables and cgi scripts Delay in receiving emails Deleted auth.log Re: Deleted auth.log OT? question Desktop [was Re: New post install tidbits?] Desktop Publishing Determine system ver (Debian vs. other Linuxes) at runtime? dev address of serial ata dhcp client wifi setup FW: DHCP Issue Re: Diamonds Jewelry difficult international font question. Direct Rendering in Sid Disabling Firefox Gestures Disk scan results - how to read? dist-upgrade: why "remove"? DMA not permitted since 2.6.14 does anyone know the status of Re: Does famd interferes with PostgreSQL? Does SATA ICH7 south bridge work? dovecot freezes: out of memory dselect: unable to open/create access method lockfile dual monitor support Dumb DNS dvd films and K3b dvd recording, dvdcss, etc. DVD-RAM, UDF => very slow DVDs burned in Win, filenames shortened EasyH10 for Debian: can't be used without external knowledge Editing textareas in opera/firefox with external editor Educational software... emacs behave differently in xterm eMail Relaying to ISP using SMPT-Auth login Email survived last night. (was: Re: all my email vanished -- again) embedded vim editor in kde Error Installing on debian Error message when stopping /etc/init.d/dcc-client The error of samba Error when starting apache2 (new installation) Errors Installing Asterisk package on Sarge using apt-get etch install partitioner fails, no CD etch install vga=791 Eth0 ethX, wifiX, wlanX in sid with latest pcmciautils, ifplugd Evolution Evolution and Emacs mail evolution and news Evolution Contacts crashing or how to remove Evo configuration excludes list exim4 behaves strange exim4 using remote_smtp not smarthost ext3 & bad blocks error ext3 filesystem: superblock not found ext3 journal ext3 trouble failing to connect with PPP in austria Re: failing to connect with PPP in Austria famd using up lots of CPU time fbsplash oops file not found - hardware, fs, or driver problem? file-max is only 4096 with 1 GB mem find/replace in place Firefox - Disabling Extensions w/o Running Firefox 1.5 plugins Firefox and Flash Firefox and XFCE4 session management Firefox Broken After Extensions Update Firefox font support on Sarge Firefox help. Firefox's "Live Bookmarks" feature failing often firewire, reboot, /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device Flash w/o video on 1.5 Re: Flash w/o video on Firefox 1.5 followup about LVM problems. Font corruption in GTK2 apps font from 'xterm' in 'konsole' Font Size Force growisofs to use lower speed Fresh CD images Fresh installation: Segmentation fault The last update was on 07:49 GMT Tue Aug 13. There are 3355 messages. Page 2 of 7.

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