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Re: Firefox - Disabling Extensions w/o Running

On 12/11/05, Kenneth Jacker <khj@be.cs.appstate.edu> wrote:
  pw> That's sort of the point of safe mode, isn't it?  You can
  pw> uninstall extensions while in safe mode, and then try to start firefox.

Now I get it!

I did look at the "extensions" window while in "safe mode", but didn't
realize each entry was, in fact, usable since everything was grayed out.

So, I'll now remove "likely candidates", and restart 'firefox'.

The best way to do that, actually, is to right-cllck on suspect extensions, and select 'Disable'.  That way, if it's not the offender, it's easy to re-enable it.  Disable all the suspect ones, and then re-enable one by one, going from safemode to regular mode each time.  A bit of a pain, but effective!

Happy to help.


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