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Re: Compatible VoIP software on Debian

On 12/31/2005 03:40 AM, Chris Howie wrote:
> Ah, I should have mentioned this.  I am specifically looking for something that
> is *not* Skype, because (a) Skype has no ALSA support and very bad OSS support,
> making it a chore to use, and (b) it cannot be installed alongside KDE 3.4,
> which I plan to dist-upgrade to soon (I'm holding back until amarok is
> installable).

Perhaps you could use a free client, like kphone, and a free service
like free world dialup, http://www.freeworlddialup.com/ .

apt-cache search voip  # for more ideas.

I've connected to fwd with kphone, but had old-computer-soundcard issues.

Good luck!


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