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Re: Re: Debian WiFi card recommendations please

Two cards you could use are the Dlink DWL-650 and DWL-630, the difference is the 650 has "Super G" which is a dlink thing.  These use atheros chipsets, and I used a DWL-630 on a friends computer fine with a CVS version of Madwifi, and a Ubuntu live CD found it OK and was usable.  I am pretty sure the 650 should work too, then.

On 12/28/05, James Nickson <jaynicks@earthlink.net> wrote:

On the thread about recommended wifi support for Debian you refer to


which is a broken link.

On WiFi, more support would make Debian come closer to a user oriented
product.as the library I am working with wants to know a card or usb
connector that will work even if they have to spend a little more.  Not
having a list of satisfactory WiFi gear is driving us away from Debian
(which I hate).

Dithering around on Google to get hardware working is a hell of a lot more
expensive than buying something that is known to work.  Please use your
influence to get Debian to address this issue effectively, if convenient.

Thanks,  have a grand 2006,

James Nickson                                  jaynicks@lccdigital.com
19 O.Cheq.Nk.Rd., Wellfleet, MA                      508.349.2422

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