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Re: Compatible VoIP software on Debian

Chris Howie <cdhowie@nerdshack.com> writes:

> I've been searching for a while, with no luck, for some combination
> of software that will let me have a VoIP conversation with someone
> while I am on Debian and they are on Windows.  Someone in #debian
> said Linphone.  It looks nice, but I haven't found any Windows
> software yet that will "play nice" with it.
> Can anyone recommend a good pair?  I've been looking at OpenWengo as
> a possible choice -- same client on both systems.  Is the .deb
> release on their site stable enough for voice chat?  (Not interested
> in their video features.)

If you simply want to have a voice conversation with another person
over the internet and if you have no preferences on the underlying
protocol, then I say simply to use Skype which is easly available on
www.skype.com for both windows and linux (.deb package available too),
and lets you talk for free with other skype users.


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