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Re: Debian Wireless Networks

Leonid Grinberg wrote:

Am I then right to conclude that Debian probably does not have the
drivers/modules packaged?

Debian does have ndiswrapper packaged, if that is what you need to use, or at least it does on Testing and Unstable. I recently went through a similar experience with a laptop and an atheros-based card. First stop was the Madwifi project's drivers but they didn't work very well. So I installed ndiswrapper-module, ndiswrapper-utils and wpasupplicant using apt and obtained the windows driver from the maker's website and it all works extremely well, even down to being able to use WPA-PSK. Updating when changing kernel is easy because it's a Debianized module so "module-assistant a-i ndiswrapper" sorts it all out. However, it took a lot of Googling to work out what settings to use in /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/wpa_supplicant before the thing would connect to the network. With WEP or plain open it's much easier. Post again if you go down this path and get stuck.



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