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Firefox help.

There are a few things that have been annoying me about Firefox.  One
reason for asking here is that I'm using the version bundled with
sarge and would rather not upgrade.

First off, is there some way to close that god awful find bar with the
keyboard?  The one eating up screen real-estate at the bottom of my
window until I touch the rodent?

Second, is there some way to allow every site to install extensions?
A dialog box with a count-down before I can even hit the install
button is more than enough protection against accidentally installing
extensions, without having to add every single site to the allowed

Third, is there some way to get firefox to actually just do the thing
it's supposed to do by default for file-types?  There's a little
checkbox that says "do this for files of this type automatically from
now on", or some such.  Firefox's idea of automatic, in this case,
bizarrely involves exactly the same dialog box the next time you see a
file with the same extension, except with the "automatic" checkbox

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