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Re: Changing from Stable to Testing/Unstable

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 06:51:13AM -0800, Alejandro Salas wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> When I installed it I went for the Stable version, but
> now I'm thinking of switching over either to Testing
> or to Unstable. First I wanted to ask how unstable the
> Unstable distro is?.Cuz I heard that most of the time
> you can work with it pretty well. The other thing is,
> Do I need to reinstall the system?, or is there a safe
> way to change distros without reinstalling?.Being as
> paranoid as I am I'll probably reinstall, but I wanted
> to know anyway.

If you upgrade to unstable, do it in stages.
  First, update your sarge to be as current as possible
(security updates and the like)
  Next, upgrade to etch(testing)
  Next, upgrade to sid (unstable)

Upgrading by more than one distribution at a time is,
I am told, not reliable.  Apparently there are incompatibilities
that can bite you during upgrade if you go too far too fast.

-- hendrik

> Thanx for everything.
> Alejandro
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