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Re: Disabling Firefox Gestures

On 12/30/05, Barak A. Pearlmutter <barak@cs.nuim.ie> wrote:
> I don't have any such extension installed.  Really, I promise!  At one
> time mozgest was installed, but about:config has mozgest.browser=false.

It might not have uninstalled cleanly.  You could check this by either
creating a new profile or starting in safe mode.  If the problem is
with an improperly removed extension, I can think of a few ways to
deal with it:

1) You might be able to re-install the extension and then remove it
again.  That requires several
browser restarts, but if it works it's likely to be the easiest
solution.  And no, I have no good reason to believe that it'll work,
but it might.

2) You can dig through the extensions and chrome directories for
errant pieces of mozgest that are still lying around.  This involves a
lot of searching through difficult-to-read files and a fair amount of
trial-and-error.  It's not destructive, though, as long as you back up
any files you're going to modify.  I did this when I downgraded from
FF 1.5 back to 1.0.7 because of a misbehaving extension.

3) You can always create a new profile and re-populate it with your
bookmarks, extensions, themes, etc.  There's probably some copying
that you can do, so that everything isn't lost.  This is easier than
(2), but you lose a lot of information and configuration. 
Unfortunately, this seems to be the standard answer for any problem
with Firefox.  Had they separated the files for extensions completely
from the base browser configuration, rather than using several
centralized files, problems like this would be a lot less common.

> One place I notice gestures (unintentional I assure you) is in gmail,
> which constantly goes "back" when I'm merely moving my mouse.  Could
> this be some tricky javascript business?  Yuck.

While I might have some gestures *for* gmail, I've never seen any
indication that it uses mouse gestures.

Michael A. Marsh

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