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Re: Connecting a Windows laptop to a Linux internal network

On Tue, December 27, 2005 21:08, Arnt Karlsen said:
> On Mon, 26 Dec 2005 21:16:15 -0700, Ed wrote in message
> <[🔎] auto-000003350801@uccs.edu>:
>> Hi There,
>> I have an internal Linux network.  I want to add a Windows XP
>> Professional laptop to this network so that I can share files.  I am
>> using SAMBA on the Unix side and think I have the global and share
>> sections of smb.conf set up correctly, though maybe not.  I tried to
>> find the Linux system using DOS Command Net View and only found the
>> laptop, no Linux in site.  How have any of you made this type of
>> connection?  Microsoft.com was not any help at all.
> ..dunno Wintendo myself, and I don't use Samba.  But next time you
> call Microsoft for help, grab them by their balls so it hurts, before
> you
> give up: "Are you trying to tell me I cannot use Microsoft Windows???",
> "Can I quote you on Groklaw and the Letterman Show that I cannot use.."
> etc.  ;o)
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If samba is configured correct, there is no problem connecting from
windoze w2k or xp to linux's samba share and from linux to windoze.
So what do you do and not, which share are you not able to connect to,
from windoze to linux?
I think mabye you don't have the global and share section in smb.conf
setup correctly....just a thought ...

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