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DVDs burned in Win, filenames shortened

Hi guys,

I am running Debian Testing on the 2.6.12-k7 kernel.  I burned many
DVDs on Windows in the past.  Now in Debian, when I put some of them
in my DVD drive, mount, and view the files, the folders/filenames are
truncated to 8 digits.  Other DVDs that I burned with Windows worked
correctly and I can see the full filenames.  I think I might burned
them with different burning programs.  I was googling looking for an
answer and it looks like it may have something to do with Joliet,
maybe?  I was hoping that perhaps there was a specific "mount" command
that I could use to view the files with having the filenames

Any help or pointers to websites that would help would be much appreciated.



~ G O W E R O P O L I S ~

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