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Re: Firefox and XFCE4 session management

"C. Chad Wallace" <cwallace@thelodgingco.com> writes:

> Hello,
> Is there a way to get Firefox to load automatically in an XFCE4
> session?  Most programs (specifically Gaim, Amarok and Terminal) will
> just reload with the same state if I log out and choose "Save session"
> with them open.  Firefox doesn't do this.  I'd like to have Firefox
> load on session start-up with two particular pages loaded in two tabs.

You can place a script in ~/Desktop/Autostart/ that is read by xfce4 for
apps that don't come back after a saved session
for example:

# ~/Desktop/Autostart/deskapps.sh
firefox -P &
/user/bin/unclutter &

The reason I *think* firefox wont load automatically is more to do with
it not following the desktop standards for communicating with the window
manager unlike Gaim and the other apps you mentioned. At least this is
the impression the xfce4 mailing list left me with. 

The workaround would be reasonable enough except that I am pretty sure
you cannot set the autostart directory to something of your choice, like
~/.xfce4/autostart would be nicer, is ~/Desktop part of the
freedesktop standard perhaps? 

I do not like having a directory name dictated to me if its not hidden,
and worse one starting with a capital, but this is a minor gripe really
in light of how well xfce4 does what it advertises itself to do.

-----Angelina Carlton-----
orchid on irc.freenode.net

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