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Re: debian print server

On (20/12/05 14:15), arden wrote:
> Hi all 
> Im want to set an old box (300Mhz 32meg RAM) up as a print server 
> Ive loaded debian x is been a pig to setup on the 2meg s3 card but
> since its going to be headless see that as a side issue 
> I know the printer connection is good date > /dev/lp0 returned an output 
> Can some one please point me in the direction of a good how to which
> includes what to do at the client end 

Well, you don't need X; use lynx as a browser and use cups and if you're
serving windows clients, samba.

The following howto will guide you on required packages etc:

Once installed, add yourself to the group lpadmin and then:

$ lynx localhost:631/admin

Then configuring printers is a breeze.

...... or I guess you could do it the hard way :)



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