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Re: Changing thunderbird default printer

Ralph Katz wrote:
On 12/07/2005 08:30 AM, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

When I print in TBird, the default printer shows up as printer1@:64.
When I print to file on that GV can't handle the resulting ps.

When I change that printer to Postscript/printer1 allOK.

I would like the latter to be the default like it is in Mozilla.





Hello again.

Maybe you have xprint installed?  Are you sure it's needed?

On my sarge system, cupsys handles all printing.  Printing from
thunderbird, the default printer is the cups default printer.  The print
dialog box is identical to the print dialog box in mozilla 1.7.8.

With cups-pdf, printing to a file is as simple as choosing the
"cups-pdf" printer in the printer selection dialog, or you can still
choose the print postscript to file mozilla.ps.

Hi Ralph,

xprint, xprint-common, xprt-xprintorg are all installed.

There was a good reason for that and... that good reason escapes me.
I use a special blog (esquipulas dot homeunix dot com) just to keep track of what I do and why I do it and xprint does not appear in it.

So I still compile my own Mozilla. And that version 1.7.12 when requesting print just shows Postscript/printer1. It print correctly both to file and to print.

But when I do that in TBird that I installed from Sarge, 4 choices show up: 3 with @:64 and the last one Postscript/printer1.

Beats me how they got there. Only Postscript works right.
The other cause a blank screen in GV when printing to file and pages with huge characters on the printer.

I was seeking to have the Postscript/printer1 choice appear at the top of the choices instead of at the bottom the way it is now.


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