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Re: compiling apache 2.0.55, undefined reference errors (BIO_printf and such)

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
Artur Makówka wrote:
does anyone know why i have a lot of such messages
:/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:521: undefined reference to `BIO_printf' :/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:605: undefined reference to `SSL_do_handshake' :/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:607: undefined reference to `SSL_get_error' :/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:639: undefined reference to `BIO_printf' :/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:640: undefined reference to `SSL_get_peer_cert_chain' :/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:644: undefined reference to `sk_num' :/root/source/apache2-2.0.55/build-tree/apache2/support/ab.c:659: undefined reference to `SSL_get_peer_certificate'

and so on (the list is pretty long), when i try to dpkg-buildpackage my apache2-mpm-worker? its 2.0.55, distro testing

i have libssl-dev 0.9.8a-3 installed ( i reinstalled it, and it didnt help)

my dpkg/apt-get is not broken, and i have fully updated system. Also i did apt-get build-dep apache2-mpm-worker and its not showing any errors.

so what i could be missing? i read its -lcrypto, but i doubt debian devs forgot to add it to rules file, so what could be the problem?

please respond also to my mail, im not signed here (if you dont mind..)

What I can't figure out is, why are you trying to compile 2.0.55 from testing? Is there that much of a difference between 2.0.54 and 2.0.55 that you need 2.0.55?


compiling 2.0.54 gives the same results (well, at least it also stops on some errors)

i just want to recompile apache to match my processor architecture optimization and such, besides i want to change few configure options. Of course i havent changed them yet, now i just want to test if it is even possible to compile it. But if you ask about my goal, that is the ability to change ./configure options and optimization.

besides, i think dpkg-buildpackage is in debian to use it.

2.0.55 is official apache2 version from testing, why would i want to change official version

i think there is a problem with some -l option missing in compile time, and i dont know why. or maybe i am missing some package, that is not in 'depends'.

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