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Re: Computer archetecture

i know this might be spam, but i'll answer anyway...

It has something to do with your _PROCESSOR_ (the little thingie inside your computer, that does all the hard work for you), which is probably from the i386 family (as in grandnephew of the 80386 processor). Just google for your processor name and you'll find out...

i don't mean to be rude, but if you couldn't find it out by yourself, maybe you should stick to windoze


Blitz wrote:

It may just be hard to find if it is there... but im looking for a way to find out which version of debian I should download (based on computer), and have no idea what my computer archetecture is by looking at the list. I know it's not a mac, so I won't click powerPC... but thats as far as I have gotten. I386 sounds familiar, but that may be because Im used to a windows system... please help.

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