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Re: followup about LVM problems.

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
Kelly Harding wrote:

If you remember the approximate sizes/locations of the partitions, you
can use parted to locate them.  It is a bit iffy, but it has worked for
me in the past.

I've never used parted before. but the sizes/locations of the partition
should be
available from LVM2's data I guess, shouldn't it?

As it is just one big XFS partition spanning 3 36Gb drives with are
grouped together as a volume
using LVM2.


Then in that case, parted will certainly be able to rebuild the
partition table.  Of course, make sure to point it at the device that
holds the partition (e.g., /dev/vg0/lv?, or whatever your scheme is).
Beyond that, I can't really be any more help.  You will need to read the
parted docs, as it is a fairly complex tool, or use qtparted, though I
am not sure how well qtparted measures up.


I'll have a read through the parted docs and see if I can make sense of them enough to
attempt this.

How do I work out which device it is I need to point it at?


fn:Miss Kelly Harding

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