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Re: Direct Rendering in Sid

On Monday 12 December 2005 16:22, Roberto C. Sanchez was heard to say:
> > First thing, I'm using the "nv" driver. Do I have to use the
> > binary nVidia driver? I've used it in the past, but one of the
> > reasons I use Debian is "free as in freedom". I'd rather use the
> > nv driver if possible.
> That's your problem.  There is *no* support for direct rendering in
> the free nv driver.

Many thanks. I will put in the nVidia driver ASAP, and report back if 
I'm still having problems. Hopefully it will correct the fact that 
glxinfo is reporting 16 bit colour when everything I can find says 
24, including the Xorg.log


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