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Re: Connecting a Windows laptop to a Linux internal network

On (26/12/05 21:16), Ed Paris wrote:
> Hi There,
> I have an internal Linux network.  I want to add a Windows XP Professional
> laptop to this network so that I can share files.  I am using SAMBA on the
> Unix side and think I have the global and share sections of smb.conf set up
> correctly, though maybe not.  I tried to find the Linux system using DOS
> Command Net View and only found the laptop, no Linux in site.  How have any
> of you made this type of connection?  Microsoft.com was not any help at all.
> If you have set ups like this, how did you configure SAMBA and the Windows
> machine?  If you have examples of one or both, it would be very helpful.
> Thanks for your time.

It would make more sense for you to post your smb.conf



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