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Re: Firefox and Flash

[KS] wrote:
>>Currently, I am running Firefox 1.5 (not the Debian package but the actual 
>>files from mozilla.org) along with version 7.0 r61 of Macromedia's flash 
>>plugin and version 1.5.0_05 of Sun's java plugin.
> Oh, I forgot to check the vanilla Firefox version for the flash hiccup.
> If the problem exists in that too, upstream needs to be contacted. If
> not, hmm....

Tried with Firefox 1.5 (vanilla) and a clean profile. Flash demos run
like a charm. I used the same plugin which firefox_1.5.dfsg-3 uses! So
the problem seems to lie in the debian package. Can anyone confirm
before I file the bug or comment on an existing one?


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