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compaq dl380 howto

I just wanted to post this, because it gave me fits. Below is what I finally did, but I'd still have liked grub in the master boot record, but I kept getting "missing operating system" ....

Compaq dl380 with smart array 3200 controller - Debian Sarge
Requires smartstart cd 5.5 to configure and boot

Fresh install
Boot with smartstart cd, then erase configuration
When comes back up, choose manual.
Go thru all the stuff. Choose linux install.
Load debian, At the part where it wants to put grub in the mbr, choose no!!!
Instead, at the next screen, put it in /dev/ida/c1d0
After booting, when grub says your partition may be corrupt or invalid, edit the grub entry to say hd0, not hd1
After install, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to read hd0 permanantly

Highest Regards,

Rodney Richison
RCR Computing
118 N. Broadway
Cleveland, OK  74020

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