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Re: Firefox - Disabling Extensions w/o Running

> As some of you might know from an earlier posting, my 'firefox'
> stopped working after updating some extensions.  Luckily I can still
> use it by invoking it as "firefox -safe-mode" (thanks, Steve!).
> How to regain the normal functionality?  Which is the "bad" extension?
> I tried running with "firefox -g", but 'gdb' didn't show me anything
> of use ...
> My only other idea is to disable, one-by-one, my extensions until it
> works again.  Since I obviously can't disable extensions from within
> 'firefox' (I never see its window!), I am wondering if anyone knows of
> a way to disable specific extensions *external* to a running 'firefox'
> process.
> I'm getting a bit desperate ...

I'm a bit confused as to what's desperate about this.  Firefox has a
startup option that you were pointed to the man page about.  Starting
up with that option gives you a Firefox browser without the extensions
running.  You can then uninstall them, quit Firefox, and restart without
safe-mode and see how it goes.  In such a fashion, you can find the
extension(s) that cause(s) the problem.

What am I missing here?


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