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Debian way to add modules with 2.6 ?

What is the correct way to add modules at boot time
with sarge / stable with 2.6 ?  what about module
options ?
with 2.4 I just used to stick the module name in
/etc/modules but I don't know about 2.6 and i don't
understand options

I have a sarge laptop with standard 2.6.8-2-686 image
I am trying to make an option fusion UMTS/GPRS pcmcia
card work in debian but I have instructions from a
Suse guy
the instructions are here

more specifically it says to add
  options usbserial vendor=0xaf0 product=0x6000
to /etc/modprobe.conf

but on my laptop usbserial module doesn't appear to be
loading at boot anyway
when I do modprobe usbserial manually I don't get any
errors though

/etc/modprobe.conf doesn't exist, the man page doesn't

I just about figured out modules with 2.4 but I don't
yet understand 2.6

thanks for any help


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