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Re: embedded vim editor in kde

Bob Vloon wrote:

Hi Yoram,

The problem is this:
I am using KDEVELOP, and I would like to use the vi-functionality that the kpart module is supposed to give me. Now I configured the KDE Components in the system settings to use vim, and when I click "test" everything seems ok. However, I cannot select the embedded vim editor in KDEVELOP or in any other KDE app for that matter.
What am I doing wrong?

Nothing, i won't work. Well, it didn't, for me. After I noticed that on Suse
9.3 KDevelop crashed when the KVim part was used, I decided that this wasn't
the way :)
I got the suggestion (on this list) to use .. let me look for a moment ..
Yzis, but up till now I didn't try it out.



Yeah well, I got that same tip from someone else, but I cant get yzis to install on my ubuntu-breezy system (yeah yeah, I know that ain't debian exactly)
Ill try some more, and if I get it to work I'll let you know.

Thanks for the time tho

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