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Re: Firefox and Flash

On Friday 30 December 2005 15:06, Chris Howie wrote:
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>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> I think the next question then is why are some people having huge
>> problems with it, and some aren't.  Here, its been best described
>> as bulletproof.
>We could always make a little web poll.  Are you having problems with
> plugins on Firefox?  Which version of Firefox?  Which plugins? 
> Sarge, Etch, or Sid? What video card?  etc.  Tabulate the results,
> look for a common factor.
>Or we could all strace.

One thing that might have a bearing on it is this:

I have long bitched and railed at both mozilla and firefox for nuking 
the plugins directory when an update is being installed, so I said to 
hell with it about a year ago, and made a seperate plugins directory 
with all the junk you don't wanna have to go install again for the 
73rd time, including the libnull thingy they do install, and then 
lndir the whole mess to the plugins dir of the fresh install. It may 
not be the "right thing to do" but it hasn't bit me yet...

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Cheers, Gene
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