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Re: Debian on PowerEdge 2850, known bugs?

Thank you for this useful feedback and advice.


Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:

   I have three 2850's running Debian Sarge myself at work.There were a
few issues that we became aware of while working with them. The first
was with GRUB and the RAID controller not synching fast enough for the
GRUB installer to verify the files have been placed on the system
without rebooting first. The second issue we ran into was with large
partitions and using ext3 filesystems which we resolved by simply
converting all ext3 partitions to ext2 and the memory issues surrounding
this dissappeared. We have the 2.6 kernel installed but did have to
manually build the 2.6.13 kernel to get the latest RAID controller for
better reliablility so I recommend you can install with the default
kernel but upgrade the kernel to atleast 2.6.13 for the RAID controller
as well as I believe it contains an updated NIC card driver. As it has a
10/100/1000 NIC we did have to turn spanning tree "fast port" on the
switch port in able for DHCP to operate properly.


Sinan Nalkaya wrote:

Im using my poweredges as tftpserver and nfs server, and it may cause problems on these services whic is related to ethernet driver, i usually buy a new intel chipset nic.

On Thursday 15 December 2005 11:58 am, Mickael Cappozzo wrote:

Dear all,

I'm about to install Debian Sarge on a new Server, a Dell PowerEdge 2850
with 2 Xeon processors. Before doing that, I'm looking for a list of
"known bugs"... Does anyone know if such a list exists and where I can
find it?


Mickaël Cappozzo

Mickaël Cappozzo

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