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Re: centericq and sarge

> On 6 Dec 2005 03:32:01 -0800, David A. <achoice@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I use centericq on unstable.
> I also use it on unstable. If you use sarge, you could install the
> version that comes with unstable.
>> I know MSN protocol has changed recently. And althogh I am online on
>> MSN I see no MSN-contacts online - eve thogh I know they are online...
>> :/
> When it happens, I delete the contact, add it again using gaim, and
> then I can see the contact online on centericq.
> Regards.

Is there any other shell based messenger out there? The guy at Konst doesn't seem to allow anybody
to fix the problems with things like this and doesn't seem to want to fix it himself. Thats a
recipe for 'dead application' if I've ever seen it. Such a pitty too, it was an awsome program.


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