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Re: compiling apache 2.0.55, undefined reference errors (BIO_printf and such)

Artur Makówka wrote:

compiling 2.0.54 gives the same results (well, at least it also stops on some errors)

i just want to recompile apache to match my processor architecture optimization and such, besides i want to change few configure options. Of course i havent changed them yet, now i just want to test if it is even possible to compile it. But if you ask about my goal, that is the ability to change ./configure options and optimization.

besides, i think dpkg-buildpackage is in debian to use it.

2.0.55 is official apache2 version from testing, why would i want to change official version

i think there is a problem with some -l option missing in compile time, and i dont know why. or maybe i am missing some package, that is not in 'depends'.

I see.  Have you read my Debian Package Customization HOWTO?


I would start there.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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