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Re: ext3 trouble

I'm just back on this list, so missed the beginning of this thread. is this the same problem I'm getting with fsck errors on reboot?

errors look like this

/dev/hda3: Superblock last mount time is in the future

If so, I think its an e2fsprogs issue? it just went from version 1.38 to 1.39 on the 10th of december.


Z F wrote:
I have no complains regarding how linux implements support for
different features. I have some idea how hard it is even if  you have
all documentation (because documentations contain erros, I know it from my own experience). When you do not have documentation --- it is much much harder.

What bothers me is that everything was working fine until recent upgrade.
For some reason superblock last write time is always in the future, which
causes errors. How to fix this is a question I would like answered.


*/Mike McCarty <mike.mccarty@sbcglobal.net>/* wrote:

    Gene Heskett wrote:

     > A slim possibility is that you have acpi enabled on an nforce2
     > If thats the case, either shut it off, or go upgrade the bios to the
     > latest as that fixed some other, non-disk related problems that
     > several of us have had with that chipset.

    I subscribe to three email echoes about Linux, and I see a
    recurrent theme: mysterious errors, solved by booting with
    ACPI turned off.

    ISTM that either: Linux just doesn't properly support ACPI, or
    BIOS implementors just don't know how to get it right.

    Either way (and I don't care which) perhaps the default boot
    should be with ACPI turned off, and add an option to turn it

    I had several mysterious problems with my machine until I
    put "acpi=off" into my grub.conf.

    Stock Windows XP has no problems with the ACPI on my machine.

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