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Changing over to udev

If, indeed, this must be done--this provides hotplug functionality as well.

Does it need to be in control? As of now, many things are modprobed before 
hotplug and hotplug says "already loaded". Might be quite difficult to find 
and sort all this out. Hotplug/udev might be self-sufficient 
without /etc/modules or alsa configuration scripts elsewhere but maybe not.

Udev on Sid requires 2.6.12 or newer kernels. I have 2.6.11 and 2.6.14 (which 
must have udev). Until 2.6.14 is demonstrably working with udev, I do not 
want to get rid of 2.6.11 (which uses devfs and current hotplug). Can udev be 
installed anyway? Consequences?

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