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Re: Compatible VoIP software on Debian

On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 03:49:11PM -0500, Chris Howie wrote:
> I've been searching for a while, with no luck, for some combination of software
> that will let me have a VoIP conversation with someone while I am on Debian and
> they are on Windows.  Someone in #debian said Linphone.  It looks nice, but I
> haven't found any Windows software yet that will "play nice" with it.
> Can anyone recommend a good pair?  I've been looking at OpenWengo as a possible
> choice -- same client on both systems.  Is the .deb release on their site
> stable enough for voice chat?  (Not interested in their video features.)

I don't know about OpenWengo, but would Gizmo (www.gizmoproject.com)
work for you? Beware, though, that it is only free as in beer.


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