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Re: Debian Libraries and Broken Systems

Hi Martin

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 01:02, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I rebuilt my Debian sarge system last june from the
> installation image and the network.  It is one of the most stable and
> healthy-looking installations I have ever had.  I recently tried to
> install an emulator for the PIC microcontrollers which needs a number
> of libraries in order to build.  My last impediment to a successful
> build appears to be the lack of the libraries mentioned below and I am
> trying to figure out how to either fix what is broken or add the
> libraries I need.  I have an open mind as to whether the system is
> broken because other software compiles just fine and I didn't do
> anything special at all when building the system.  I just installed
> the base operating system and then the packages I wanted after that.
> Except for this installation, the system in question is like the
> Energizer Bunny and just keeps going and going.:-)
> 	If anybody can tell me what to look at next, I would
> appreciate it because I am running out of things to try and I don't
> really think a rebuild of a 6-month-old system that hasn't had any
> catastrophes since the rebuild is the answer, yet.
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> Date:    Tue, 20 Dec 2005 19:41:00 CST
> Subject: Re: [gnupic] popt and gpsim-0.21.11 CLI on Debian
> Martin, pthreads and libdl are pretty fundamental libraries.  Perhaps
> they aren't packaged separately from the base system.
> Since the error occurs on linking, not compiling, that means the
> headers are therem but the libraries aren't.  I think your Debian
> installation is seriously broken, and you may save yourself time and
> hassle by re-installing.   Maybe a Debian guru can help you salvage
> your installation.
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$apt-file search libpthread shows that usr/lib/libpthread.so is shipped as 
part of libc6-dev.  The same with usr/lib/libdl.so.  (The libraries also 
ship with a number of libc variants).  

Since other software compiles, I'm guessing that you already have libc6-dev 
is installed?  Does re-installing libc6-dev help?

Do you know the full commands that the linker is failing on?  
Can you provide the exact error message?


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