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difficult international font question.


Generally I run my desktop in English and fonts and everything look great.
Unfortunately, when I have to deal w/ Chinese it's not so good... the default
chinese font is very hard to read in normal (smallish) sizes, and w/ font
anti-aliasing turned on it makes it even more difficult.  Anyway, I downloaded
a better font (ttf-arphic-newsung) from the debian@tw site which is great--they
included instructions for turning the font-aa off for small fonts and
everything.  Unfortunately, there isn't any explanation as to how I could use
this font in place of the default chinese font.  Since they use a purely
Chinese desktop they just bump that font up to the top of the <preferences>
section in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.  I can't do that or else I get ugly English
fonts instead of the Verdana that I'm used to.  So my question is, is there
some way to only replace the Chinese font (is there any locale-aware information
in fonts.conf?), or if not, is there any other way i could trick this into

Cameron Matheson

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