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Re: Cups: and no local cups server

Bill Moseley wrote:
Fresh install of Sarge on a laptop with only cupsys-client.
Do I need to also run cupsd server?  I've always run servers and
clients so never run into this problem before:

moseley@laptop:~$ lpstat -v lpstat: Unable to connect to server: Connection refused

AFAIK, you need a cupsd on the machine that has the printer. above is trying to connect to localhost:631 but with no cupsd, you don't have one. I suppose it may be possible to use cupsd on another machine to connect to a printer hosted locally, but that's beyond my abilities...

I can specify a machine that is running cupsd:

moseley@laptop:~$ lpstat  -h bumby -v
device for 4ML: canon:/dev/lp0
device for AdobePDF: ipp://PowerMac.local/printers/AdobePDF
device for Stylus_Photo_870_Gutenprint: ipp://PowerMac.local/printers/Stylus_Photo_870_Gutenprint

How do I get applications to see those printers?  For example, firefox
doesn't display any of those printers.

are there command line options for cupsd that would connect you to remote printer?


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