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Direct Rendering in Sid


I'm using Sid, with an nVidia GeForce FX Go5600. The problem I'm 
having is that "direct rendering: No" is all I can get.

First thing, I'm using the "nv" driver. Do I have to use the binary 
nVidia driver? I've used it in the past, but one of the reasons I use 
Debian is "free as in freedom". I'd rather use the nv driver if 

The glx and dri modules are loaded, there is a section dri mode 0666 
in xorg.conf, in fact everything matches up to what is suggested in 
this article,


...except the use of the nv rather than nVidia module.

I'm also frustrated because while glxinfo is reporting 16 bit colour 
depth, the default is 24, Xorg.log shows 24 bits, and what my eyes 
tell me is that it's not 16 bits. Could this also be related to the 
nv verses nVidia module?


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