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emacs behave differently in xterm

I used emacs with great satisfaction under X, now I am trying
to use it in xterm but the keyboard behave differently in xterm.
For example I was not able to use Meta (Alt) key (eg. M-x). This
one I resolved by changing xterm setup
(control - left mouse button -> select Meta Send Escape).
But C-home and C-end do not function: they insert 5H and 5F
respectively instead of invoking function bind to them.
home and end (without control) do as expected.
Emacs do not recognize C-tab (it is recognized as tab - as if I
did not hold control key).
Neither can I type in other letter than ascii. When these letters
are typed in bash it is OK, also joe accept them - jed does not!
On the other hand graphical emacs does accept them but renders them
so small that they are almost unreadable (less than half size of
normal fonts size). In graphical emacs and xterm I do use the same
unicode font:
 *VT100*font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-100-iso10646-1

How can I fix this. Most I need input of latin2 (actually unicode)

Juraj Fedel

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