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Re: Cups: and no local cups server

You only need to run the cups server on the machine the printer is connected to. All you need on the client machine(s) is the cupsys-client package. Depending on the applications you run, though, it is also advisable to install cupsys-bsd client as well for compatibility purposes.

The files you need to edit are /etc/cups/cupsd.conf (on the printer host) and /etc/cups/client.conf (on all machines). A good tutorial on how to do this is available at http://www.linuxprinting.org/till/printing-tutorial/tut.html (Chapter 3 - Networked Printing with CUPS). In the client.conf file all you need to add is the hostname of the cupsd machine (the default is localhost), or the ip of your gateway (assuming that is the same as the cupsd machine).

Add a firewall rule to allow connections from your LAN on port 631 (the default port for CUPS), then restart cupsd and you should be all set.

If some applications need to use the lpr command you may find you need to configure cupsys-bsd to run as a server (on the cupsd machine). Just run dpkg-reconfigure cupsys-bsd and answer 'Yes' to sort that out.

From: Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org>

Fresh install of Sarge on a laptop with only cupsys-client.
Do I need to also run cupsd server?  I've always run servers and
clients so never run into this problem before:

moseley@laptop:~$ lpstat  -v
lpstat: Unable to connect to server: Connection refused

I can specify a machine that is running cupsd:

moseley@laptop:~$ lpstat  -h bumby -v
device for 4ML: canon:/dev/lp0
device for AdobePDF: ipp://PowerMac.local/printers/AdobePDF
device for Stylus_Photo_870_Gutenprint: ipp://PowerMac.local/printers/Stylus_Photo_870_Gutenprint

How do I get applications to see those printers?  For example, firefox
doesn't display any of those printers.

Bill Moseley

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