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Firefox 1.5 plugins


I upgraded mozilla-firefox to 1.5 today. It gave me the following new

~$ dpkg -l firefox* | grep ^ii
ii  firefox               1.5.dfsg-2     lightweight web browser based
on Mozilla
ii  firefox-gnome-support 1.5.dfsg-2     Support for Gnome in Mozilla

I had 1.0.7 installed earlier and I still have mozilla-1.7.12-1
installed. But when I checked the plugins for firefox 1.5, there is
none. This is surprising as there is atleast the default plugin
libnullplugin.so installed for a clean profile. Firefox does not seem to
automatically recognise the flashplugin-nonfree 7.0.61-1 automatically.
The VLC plugin shows in mozilla but not in Firefox 1.5!

Do I need to do reinstall it again? Or is there anything else that is
required to be done for firefox 1.5.

Joyeuse Fêtes,

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