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dvd recording, dvdcss, etc.

Hi there,

I have made a copy of a dvd which is encrypted with libdvdcss.  I'm
pretty sure the copy (which is for research purposes) is legal under
Canadian law, so please let's not get into that.  I made the copy in
the following way:

dd if=/dev/hdd of=dvd_file.iso
dvdrecord dev=ATA:1,1,0 -dao dvd_file.iso

I did md5sum checks on the original disk, the copy on my hd, and the
copied disk. All come out the same.  The .iso file on my computer
plays fine under vlc, though I have some trouble with totem and
mplayer.    However, the copied dvd doesn't play back properly under
any player.  I find this odd since, as I said, the md5sums are all the
same.  When mounted as iso9660, loop, the filesystem looks identical
to the one on the hard drive.  I can't really figure out what I've
done wrong.  Are there tricks regarding css, or anything else, that
might help me here?  was the -dao option a possible source of error?
this is the first dvd I've burned so I don't have much experience with
this stuff.



 .''`.       Matt Price 
: :'  :      Debian User
`. `'` 	     & hemi-geek

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