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Re: Editing textareas in opera/firefox with external editor

Hello Paulo!

> > > Would anybody know if Opera or Firefox have something equivalent to the mozex 
> > > extension for Mozilla ? I used mozex heavily for editing textareas with vim 
> > > and spawning mutt to handle mailto links. I'm trying to switch from Mozilla to 
> > > Opera or Firefox but have just realized that mozex is just too essential to go 
> > > without.
> > Firefox:
> > I use mozex with firefox 1.5 and it works. When you search mozex in the
> > firefox extensions you find a link to an inofficial version for mozex
> > which works with firefox
> [...]
> Thanks for reassuring me of that, Michael ! I'm still a bit unsure about 
> installing mozex from that unknown source. Can it be trusted ? Its certificate 
> is not even signed by a CA, and the site is not part of the mozdev.org 
> hierarchy.
> Just to make sure: did you install mozex from this link ?
> https://nic-nac-project.de/~kaosmos/mozex107-en.html
> Have you never had any security problems (your data being maliciously used) 
> after the installation ?
Yes and no problems

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