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Re: followup about LVM problems.

Kelly Harding wrote:
>> If you remember the approximate sizes/locations of the partitions, you
>> can use parted to locate them.  It is a bit iffy, but it has worked for
>> me in the past.
> I've never used parted before. but the sizes/locations of the partition
> should be
> available from LVM2's data I guess, shouldn't it?
> As it is just one big XFS partition spanning 3 36Gb drives with are
> grouped together as a volume
> using LVM2.
> Kelly

Then in that case, parted will certainly be able to rebuild the
partition table.  Of course, make sure to point it at the device that
holds the partition (e.g., /dev/vg0/lv?, or whatever your scheme is).
Beyond that, I can't really be any more help.  You will need to read the
parted docs, as it is a fairly complex tool, or use qtparted, though I
am not sure how well qtparted measures up.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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