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Re: Cleaning out old backup (*~, *.bak) files

On Sat, Dec 24, 2005 at 01:52:44AM -0600, a.list.address@gmail.com wrote:
> I have a lot of *~ and *.bak files in my home directories, including
> recent ones, and ones from several years ago.  I'd like to set up a
> good system that gets rid of old ones--say, older than a month.  I also
> would like them to go to the KDE trash bin.

Saving files in a trash bin...  Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't
sound good.  If it's in the trash bin it is trash and it should be
trashed, that is: thrown away.  Apparently you are concerned about
losing these files.  Just do a 'mkdir ~/my-previous-backups/' and move
them there.  But suit yourself. :)

> Anyway, I'm posting to see what other Debianites do to clean out their
> old, unneeded files; what kinds of scripts, etc.  Any general
> suggestions?

The 'find' program can be a big help here.  The following line removes
all files in the current dir (and all subdirs) that end with '~':

find . -name '*~' | xargs rm

This finds all files in the current dir (and all subdirs) that end
with ',bak' and haven't been changed in the last 30 days:

find . -name '*.bak' -ctime +30

Read the man or info file for find to get more ideas.


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