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Re: adding an attatchment using the mail command? adding extra network routes Adding GTK+ engines to /usr/local adding new hard disk Address Incorrect Adjusting speed of mouse-wheel scroll? The adventures of linux aespipe & encrypted cdroms, not working ALCATEL POLICY : your message has been refused ALi 5451 mute under 2.6.1 and ALSA (was: ALi 5451 unter 2.6.1 und ALSA stumm) ALi 5451 unter 2.6.1 und ALSA stumm alias priorities in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ALSA and Kernel 2.6 ALSA can't find modules Alsa sound lost on kernel upgrade ALSA, kernel 2.4.24-1-686 and intel AC'97 sound card Am I using my hard drives right? amavisd-new AMD k6 in sid/sarge. Annoying OpenOffice Errors Another Dumb Question About deb.conf Any wink or qarbon clones? Anyone using Aironet or similar wireless device? Anyone using Squirrelmail 1.4.2 on Stable? Apache Apache & PHP4 won't play together Apache & PHP4 won't play together [solved] Apache 2 Apache not starting after upgrade to apache Apache Problems apache with ldap_ssl authentication Apache woes after upgrade Re: Apache woes after upgrade - seg fault Re: Apache woes after upgrade [SOLVED] apache[2] suexec and userdir apm powershutown not working in 2.4.20-bf2.4 Re: App for making invitation cards Applying the forcedeth patch to the 2.4.24 source from apt not getting any updates to unstable for several days apt problem apt upgrade stops with "foomatic-filters (3.0.0-20031207-1)" apt wants to remove packages installed with dpkg -i apt-cache show (only newest package) apt-check-sigs problem (plz cc apt-file woes apt-get and dselect problems apt-get behind a linksys router/firewall Apt-Get crippled apt-get dist-downgrade? apt-get dist-upgrade apt-get http mirrors ? apt-get install aspell fails? apt-get install zope fails apt-get problem apt-get testing HELP please apt-get update question apt-get upgrade.... dont. apt-get via Windows apt/sources.list error aptitude -f oddity aptitude hanging Aptitude update to testing ok BUT arabic unicode in terminals Are there any woody r1->r2 update ISO's? Re: Ark error: Utility zip is not in your PATH Re: aspell removed from stable - licence problems? ati radeon 9200 - slow 3d acceleration ATI radeon 9200, 2.6 kernel, xfree 4.3 - but still bad performance (dri failing?) ATI Radeon driver + Linux2.6? Attachment Blocking aumix in woody 3.0r1 Austrian schools to migrate from Wintendo to Linux authenticating windoze clients Auto reply from Embassy CES auto-loading of modules autoloading modules automated response Automatic response to your mail Automatically setiting mtu Autoresponse Re: test Aves Villarrica AWARD WINING NOTIFICATION. AWARD WINNING NOTIFICATION. Awstats problem AX25 AX25 PROBLEMS Back up and running bad fonts in kde after installing gnome Base system is installed (I think), now what? basic tcp ip command (route) acts weirdly!! Basing new file permissions on current dir perms batch modify user config files Benefit of source packages? Berried Question best way to storing old mail (mhonarch, archivemail,...,?) BIND 9 with DHCP-DNS and PPPD Demand Dial BIND DNS BitDefender found an infected message BitDefender found an infected object BitDefender-postfix Re: BitDefender-postfix [Solved] Blender on debian Bookmarks: Konqueror *AND* Mozilla ??? Books for Debian. Re: boot errors with new debian kernel Boot to execute lilo Bootable CD Rom problem? booting problem with tpconfig after removing it breaking depenancies RE: Bruce Perens !! Bruce Perens talks to BBC Bttv card and 2.6 kernel Re: Bttv card and 2.6 kernel - same problem Re: Bug Report-Deb Install says insert cd2 but doesn't eject cd1 Re: Bug#230121: ITP: metalog -- a modern replacement for syslogd and klogd building ati radeon driver on linux2.6 - version.h not found building ATI Radeon Drives for Sarge on Kernel 2.6 building evolution 1.4.5 Re: building evolution 1.4.5 (SOLVED, kinda) building postfix snapshot in woody? buy and sell in singapore C compiler logs and history RE: C'mon, let's get free movie tickets! Can Debian install on Super Micro SuperServer 5013C-T Can I apt-zip with CD-R/RW? can I upgrade the route utility? Can't "make xconfig" for kernel 2.6.test9 can't boot 2.4.X kernel Can't configure xserver-xfree86: no stored checksum available Can't get out of dependency resolution in dselect Can't insmod any more after kernel 2.6 can't install mutt with apt-get can't shut down cancel <> Cannot Open Root Device - Was: Unidentified subject! Catches in upgrading to kernel? CD Burning problem Re: CD Burning problem (PROBLEM SOLVED) CD Writer Very Slow CD-R/RW UDF file system on kernel 2.6.x CDparanoia for OSX Panther Re: cdrdao not working with 2.6 cdrdao, atapi, k3b cfdisk vs fdisk & speaking of Western Digital drives... The last update was on 19:19 GMT Sun Apr 15. There are 5622 messages. Page 2 of 12.

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