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Re: Books for Debian.

Scarletdown wrote:
Katipo wrote:

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 20:11:00 -0500
infotechsys@pivot.net wrote:

Over a year ago I tried to install Debian, but did have the
time to play with the installation. I'm thinking of giving it
another try and was wondering if there are any current
books on the installation procedure.

Debian GNU/Linux Bible by Steve Hunger. ISBN 0-7645-4710-0. Highly recommended. Then if you have any change left over, Linux Power Tools by Roderick W. Smith. ISBN 0-7821-4226-5 to follow it up.
Those two in combination, you can't go wrong.

Or alternatively, pop in a Knoppix CD, then at the boot prompt enter:

knoppix lang=us 2

Once you are at the command prompt...


After creating your partitions, Knoppix will be installed onto your hard drive (Debian Unstable, IIRC). From there, you can use KPackage to uninstall stuff you don't need and install other packages you might want...Or instead of KPackage, you can use apt-get install.

That is one of the easiest ways to get a fully functional Debian system up and running. :D

I suggest try http://www.morphix.org with Gnome. The installation is automatic ( I only have to add a SiS graphics card controller ).

And you can get ( and write ) a lot of help from the Morphix wiki ;)


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