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Re: Are there any woody r1->r2 update ISO's?

On Wednesday, 07 January 2004 at 0:02, Dameon Wagner
scribbled in "Re: Are there any woody r1->r2 update ISO's?":


> > I created update iso images for woody r2 last month (checking) - the
> > 9th of December. They should ave propagated to mirrors by now; where
> > are you looking?
> Well, I'm _really_ glad to know that they're out there somewhere, I 
> suppose it's just a matter of hunting them down.  I've been looking 
> around basically since the release notice dropped in my inbox (DWN), 
> and looked at a number of the sites listed here 
> "http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp"; like:
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian-cd/i386
> http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian-cd/images/3.0_r2/i386
> http://www.mirror.ac.uk/sites/ftp.fi.debian.org/debian-cd/3.0_r2
> ftp://debian.blueyonder.co.uk/pub
> http://linux.csua.berkeley.edu/debian-cd
> http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd
> http://ftp.ticklers.org/debian-cd/images/3.0_r2/i386
> to name just a few that I have in my history list here at home (many 
> more at work ;-)
> Maybe I was just unlucky.  I do remember checking a few of the US 
> sites, and they didn't even have r2 yet, and of course, SA is always 
> a little behind the western world, so while I'd really like to 
> download from a local mirror, I think one of them (last time I 
> checked it specifically anyway) still only has r0...
> Thanks for the info -- at elast now I know it's out there ;-)

I found one!

At last, I dug one up at "http://debian.sh.cvut.cz/debian-
cd/3.0_r2/iso/i386/", and it should hopefully be downloading as I 
type.  There isn't a MD5SUM file in the directory, so Steve, if 
you're reading this, could you please post the MD5 value for the ISO?

Thanks, and sorry for all the hassle.



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