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Re: boot errors with new debian kernel

Hi, Scott.

Note that I'm not any expert in these questions, but as noone responds,
I'll try to give it a shot:

On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 03:53:57PM -0600, Scott wrote:
> I'm trying to upgrade my debian woody kernel. I was trying to do it the
> simple way, using a prebuilt kernel image.  My original install Woody kernel
> didn't work, either so I built my own to get it going.  Now, I'd like to get
> in-sysc if possible and use the "standard" kernel.  Or at least figure out
> why it won't work for my Redhat to Debian education's sake.

I haven't manage to understand the Debian way of kernelling for some
three years I've been with Linux.  But messing with kernel always was a
deep-insider thing, wasn't it?

> Via dselect, I installed the kernel-image-2.4.18-1-686 but I can't get it to
> work correctly. It appears to be related to module problems (a guess).  I'd
> paste the results of the boot messages, but I can't find them logged
> anywhere. I looked in "dmesg", /var/log/syslog, etc. Nowhere do I see the

Use a pencil.  If they go off-screen too quickly, stop the tty output by
XOFF (Ctrl-S on i386 vt).  Resume by XON (Ctrl-Q).  If they are pushed
off the dmesg buffer, try to boot into singleuser/use the `init=' kernel

> message about Can't locate module in any /var/log/* file. (As an aside, I'd
> like to know where to look for that if possible.) The jist of the error
> messages is shown in quotes below.  They are interspersed with the rest of
> the boot messages.  The problems see to start right after the mtab "note".
> "Note: can't open /etc/mtab"
> (but it's there and exists as far as I can see)

Who is the originator of that message?  What is the context?  What are
the mtab's permissions?  Probably, they mean opening for writing, so
readonly filesystem would be a problem.

> "Note: /etc/modules.conf is newer than
> /lib/modules/2.4.18-1-686/modules.dep"
> (so I booted with this kernel, then I ran depmod -a, got no errors, then
> rebooted, did not fix)

Yes.  This is one of the things I don't understand.

> "modprobe: Can't locate module *"

Here it really helps to spell out.  Generally, these are missing entries
in /etc/modules.conf.

> I get the "newer than" messages a dozen or so more times. System boots, but
> at least the network card is not up. It is listed as a module I believe in
> the modules net dir.  Boot with "my" kernel, all works OK.  Boot with the
> pre-built, all kinds of err messages.

Spell out.

The Debian way of editing /etc/modules.conf is modconf(8), AFAIUI.  But
maybe I'm wrong, really.

> P.S.  As a side question, how do I tell if I have the matching kernel source
> that is correlated to say the 2.4.18-1-686 image?  Is kernel-source-2.4.18
> always "in-sync" witht the latest similar (2.4.18) kernel?

The docs should tell you.  If they don't, it's a bug :-)

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