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Re: Aptitude update to testing ok BUT

Incoming from Ray Curd:
> I have just used Aptitude to upgrade to testing from Woody, everything 
> went smoothly- no major error messages BUT my default window manager has 
> been changed to Gnome. Iwas asked in the set-up script my preferred 
> window manager and I chose KDM. KDE has been upgraded so what do I need 

First, kdm is the graphical login thingy (like xdm, gdm).  It should
have a drop down menu on it where you can shoose your wm.

Second, this might be a job for dpkg-reconfigure.

Third, I've found this all a hopelessly anarchic feature no matter
which distribution I've used.  None of these things (kde, gnome,
enlightenment, ...) play well with each other, and each relishes the
chance to step on the others' toes.  And, if you use xinit instead of
*dm, things change again.

Best might be to search the archives and try what you find.  Once you
get it working, don't swap back and forth between wm's or you'll just
give it the chance to become confused again.

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