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Re: ALSA and Kernel 2.6

On Sunday 11 January 2004 02:38, uGAH man! wrote:
>     Hi... I have interest in using the linux kernel 2.6 but i'm afraid i
> won't be able to use ALSA since it has a module in the kernel and the
> ALSA kernel modules package is only available for kernels up to 2.4.22 ...
>     What should i do? Can i build the alsa-source instead of waiting for
> the 2.6 package to come? Has anyone done that yet?
>     Thanks
>     -- Fred

I am slightly confused about this myself - but from what I can see, the 
alsa-modules-2.4.22 etc packages created the alsa modules that are needed in 
the kernel and which interface to the userland alsa utilities that are 
installed from the other alsa packages.

IN 2.6, these alsa modules where incorporated into the kernel - so there is 
not need for the separate alsa-modules-2.xxx packages anymore.

At least, for me, that part of the 2.6 upgrade worked fine (I was running with 
alsa under 2.4.22 and now have sound under 2.6.0).  In fact it was better 
than my attempted upgrade to 2.4.23 - because there is no alsa-modules-2.4.23 
packages available at the moment.

Alan Chandler

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